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Interested in unraveling your true self and identifying your distinct qualities and talents? Embark on the Activation Track, a three-step journey that unveils the full potential within you. Beyond mere discovery, you'll also acquire the skills to leverage these talents, making a positive impact in your surroundings.


  • Embracing and operating from your unique strengths
  • Maintaining a clear objective
  • Triggering Activation through internal motivation
  • Overall life satisfaction
  • Acknowledging and appreciating the strengths of others

The Identity Track consists of 3 inspiring steps

Engaging in the Keys Activation Track will empower you to leverage your distinct gifts and talents, creating positive transformation in the world around you.

Keys test discover your keys profile


During the first stage, you discover the 5 personal keys that contribute to your distinctiveness.

Keys test activate your keys profile


In step 2, you delve into the application of the keys across different aspects of your life, pinpointing areas for improvement and determining how to enhance them.

Keys test write you purpose plan


In Step 3, we formulate an action plan aimed at realizing your complete potential and instigating positive change in the world around you.

Keys test ignite your purpose


We help you to anker the insights and revelations in your heart.

Keys discover je profiel

StEp: 1 discover

Discover who you realy are!

The Keys Test helps you discover your individual keys! The Keys Test is a special personality assessment that "unlocks" your natural personality. By taking this test, you gain insights into who you are, what resonates with you, and where your strengths lie.

Completing the test typically takes around 30 minutes. Following its conclusion, we'll arrange a conversation during which you'll be provided with your personal profile. As Activators, we will illustrate the distinctive combination of keys within you by establishing connections among them. This enables you to explore how you contribute value to both your personal and professional sphere.

Keys Activate Gesprek

StEp 2: activate

Discover your growth opportunities with the Keys Check.

Now that you're aware of the unique keys you possess, it's time to explore how you can apply them in your life. With the Keys Check, we assess opportunities for your personal growth. We walk you through three pivotal aspects of life: your personal sphere, your professional endeavors, and societal engagement.

You'll assess the extent to which you're already utilizing your keys in these areas and pinpoint areas with potential for further development. Through this self-reflection, you'll gain a clear understanding of your current strengths and areas where growth is possible. This way, you can optimize your capabilities and make a meaningful impact where it matters most.

Keys test write you purpose plan

Stap 3: multiply

Create a plan and get started with your keys!

The Plan marks the third phase of the ActiFire Identity Track, and it's time to take concrete steps! Using a provided test, you'll formulate a plan to leverage your 5 keys. Selecting 1 or 2 areas of life for potential change, you'll commence work on your personalized plan.

This segment will lead you through a systematic process of developing your plan. Through inspiring questions, you'll link your talents to a specific goal, recognize barriers, and determine the necessary steps to attain your goals. In doing so, you'll craft a personalized action plan.

In no time, you'll have your individual development plan, which we'll review together. By the end of this process, you'll know how to live up to your full potential!

Keys test ignite your purpose


We assist you in solidifying your plan.

Through guided visualization, we support you in maintaining focus on your established goals. The strength of visualization lies in refreshing your mindset.

It would be regrettable to let your potential go untapped by reverting to old habits and patterns. This step ensures the seamless integration of your DNA profile and insights into your daily thoughts and actions. Consequently, you will authentically live up to your full potential and successfully achieve your goals!

Are you ready? Ignite your purpose!


The cost for the Keys Activation Track is €650,-

The cost for the Discover meeting (only Step 1) is €250,-

If the amount poses a barrier for you, please contact us. We are happy to discuss options and find a solution together.


The venue will be determined through mutual discussion and agreement.

More information?

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People who live from their identity truly give meaning to the world around them.

We inspire, activate, and ignite people to live and work from their full potential.

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