When each of you as a couple is aware of your own identity and mission, and you have a profound understanding of your partner, it creates clarity and connection.

Through the Keys test, you'll acquire insights into your own and your partners distinctive profiles, enabling you to identify and appreciate each other's strengths.

In our role as Keys Activators, we emphasize your individual strengths and the areas where you complement each other. This deepened understanding will lead to a greater appreciation of each other, creating a joyous celebration of recognition.


Based on your Keys profile, each of you will receive:

  • Personal Keys profile document
  • Joint Keys profile document (as a team)
  • Individual profile conversation
  • Joint profile conversation
  • Inspiring exercises and tools (once a month, one year long)


  • Deepening the relationship
  • Recognizing and acknowledging each other's strengths.
  • Understanding each other in areas of tension


The cost for an ActiFire Couples Track is € 650,-

If the amount is a barrier for you, please contact us. We are happy to discuss and explore options with you.


The venue will be determined through mutual discussion and agreement.

More information?

Are you interested in an ActiFire Couples Track or would you like to sign up? Please contact us for a non-binding intake conversation.

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People who live from their identity truly give meaning to the world around them.

We inspire, activate, and ignite people to live and work from their full potential.

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