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Kars | Keys Actvator Individual & Teams

What makes you unique? How can you contribute to the bigger picture? Whether you work as an individual or as a team, at the end of the day it's all about working together.

As an activator, I want to make everyone's unique heart and full potential visible. Through conversations and exercises I help activate this potential on a personal level, but also on a work and social level. With my experience as an entrepreneur and my market-oriented lens, I have a broad view and a creative brain. I would like to help you think out-of-the-box and to see and embrace your possibilities. I love to light a fire in nature and I also love to turn on the fire again in your heart!

We inspire, motivate and activate people to pursue their purpose

Keys Activator Geesje Zijlstra

Geesje, Keys Actvator Individual & Teams

As a certified Keys Activator, I would love to show you how special and unique you are. Together, we look at your Keys profile step by step, and I will explain to you your personal keys. We will discover your mission and how you prefer to impact the world around you. You will uncover your areas of strength and identify the profound motivations and driving forces within you.

I take pleasure in energizing teams and couples, guiding them to operate and thrive based on their strengths. Whether following a team-oriented path or a couples-oriented one, you will gain insights into collaborating optimally, respecting both yourself and others. Together, we'll uncover the common threads that bind you and address challenges within your professional or personal relationships. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and empower you with enthusiasm, encouraging the realization of the best in both yourself and others!

Why do I need a Keys Activator?

In our unlocking and training sessions, we focus on the distinctive Keys profile of each individual. Using practical examples and personal applications, we support individuals in developing a more profound awareness of their natural tendencies, the core values they uphold, and the talents that align most closely with their abilities.

This approach enables us to empower individuals and teams to unlock their full potential. It's akin to being handed a map that directs you along precise routes to reach your optimal destination.

Insight from a Keys Activator is ideal for:
  • Teambuilding
  • Personal Development
  • Marriages/relationships
  • Jobcoaching

Keys Activator FOR Individuals & Teams

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As Keys Activators, our aim is to guide you through the transformative Keys Activation Track, facilitating a substantial leap forward in just three sessions. Whether the focus is on a personal, professional, or societal level, we are committed to helping you achieve maximum visibility.

During the initial session, we utilize your unique Keys Profile to illuminate your personality, forging connections among the various keys. This process unveils a deeper understanding of your true self and reveals your "golden circle."

Progressing to the second session, we apply your Keys Profile to your everyday life, unveiling growth opportunities and potentials. The third and final step involves crafting a clear action plan, empowering you to live up to your fullest potential!

Keys Teambuilding at actifire

Are you looking for an extraordinary team-building filled with inspiration and a lasting impact?

During an ACTIFIRE team-building track, we not only craft a memorable experience but also foster inspiration within your team by using your Keys profiles, encouraging better mutual understanding and appreciation. This has a lasting effect in the workplace.

In partnership with diverse event agencies, we encourage your team to collaborate based on individual strengths. This process allows you to uncover the full potential of your team and develop successful teamwork as a cohesive unit.

For couples in search of depth, renewal, and enhanced mutual understanding in their relationship, we are delighted to assist you in rediscovering your radiance together. This is achieved through a Couples Track, providing you as a couple with an opportunity to re-acknowledge and value each other, uncovering your shared strengths.

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People who live from their identity truly give meaning to the world around them.

We inspire, activate, and ignite people to live and work from their full potential.